How do I use voucher?

Vouchers can only be used during checkout, by putting the valid voucher code in the specific box. Then, a corresponding deduction will be applied to your total amount. Kindly make sure to check if the voucher has been applied to your purchase before submitting the order.

Please also note that vouchers sometimes have a minimum spend associated to them, and as such might cause your code to be invalid depending on the size of your shopping cart.


Can I use a voucher for existing order?

We are unable to add the voucher code for you within the system. Voucher codes must be entered when you are at payment step during checkout.


Can I use different vouchers at the same time?

You can only use 1 voucher code per transaction.


How long is my voucher valid?

It varies. The expiration date is always displayed on your vouchers. Generally, voucher codes are valid for 30 days or less. The 30 days starts from the day you are notified that you have received a voucher. If you receive a voucher code via email, the expiry date of the vouchers will be indicated in the email.


What happens if my voucher expires?

An expired voucher code is no longer valid.


The terms and conditions for voucher could be found at